An Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Gary Angel | Digital Mortar


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Presentation Abstract

IoT is exploding. 10 Billion devices. Nearly a trillion dollars in deployment spend. It’s huge already and growing insanely fast. And IoT is all about analytics – making it the hottest application area for new analytic practice. Of course, IoT analytics isn’t just one thing. Analytics for edge-based video is quite a different beast than analytics for moisture sensors embedded in the soil or heat sensors inside an engine. But there are common characteristics and in this session we’ll cover what’s common to most IoT analytics applications and what’s often unique and challenging.

The session will include a short introduction to IoT device data collection, an overview of some of the most common kinds of IoT generated data, and a deeper dive into how machine learning techniques can be used at multiple stages of the analytic process. You’ll get a taste of how IoT analytics works, some of the key failure points, and a sampling of analytic techniques for dealing with massive amounts of machine-generated real-world data.

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