Digital Analytics: the Data Lake of Your Anonymous Audience

Enrique Gonzales | AAAS


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Presentation Abstract

Stakeholders too often view digital analytics as building one-off reports around specific site sections or actions. However, the data collected for those basic reports can serve as the underlying variables for critical analyses that serve much larger business goals. In this session, you will learn some talking points to create alignment among marketers, analytics, and developers with the goal of building a common data set for grander analysis.

About Claravine

Claravine is the leader in Digital Experience Data Managementâ„¢, with leading brands globally using our software to enable effective campaign and content data governance. Claravine allows organizations to centralize their data structure and governs the process to generate, validate, and connect data, ensuring consistent standards and optimal experience delivery across the enterprise. As a result, companies have richer insights and increased ROI from their marketing and advertising investments.