Customer Journey Analytics: Steps to Mastering Next-Gen Techniques

Brian Collery | Adobe


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Presentation Abstract

Business are ever striving to deliver compelling experiences across engagement points in the moments that matter to their customers. Linking journey behaviors to KPIs helps business better understand indicators of customer acquisition, churn, transactions and long-term retention. By understanding the most important cross-channel customer behaviors driving sales or other conversion events such as account registrations, businesses can now begin predicting and building experiences that are more likely to convert. The challenge is how to synthesize vast connected and contextualized multi-channel data by removing friction and irrelevancy from the customer conversion process and deliver those compelling experiences in the moments that matter.

This session will discuss the value of customer journey analytics, its challenges, and the next generation techniques to analyze the customer journey with context and how to make these valuable insights available to the experience makers that can lead the business to the next level.

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