Analytics Nexus 2019 Presentations

Prolet Miteva - Choose Your Own Adventure - building your data infrastructure

Tom Redman - Six Data Quality Prescriptions for Machine Learning

Alex Destino - Influencing Business Decisions Through KPIs

Stephanie Burton - Becoming An Adobe Master_ Attribution Best Practices

Brett House _ Judah Phillips - Creating Marketing Value with Codeless AI

Meredith Walter - Standardizing Google Analytics Implementation to Support Multi-Brand or Multi-Site Businesses

Eric Matisoff - Adobe Analytics Productivity Hacks

David Gatdula - Creating Intuitive Dashboard Reporting in Power BI

Jaisri Chety - Data Strategy in Digital Transformation

Jim Sterne - Artificial Intelligence For Marketing_ Practical Applications

Adam Greco - How to Unlock the Power of Analytics Through Data Enrichment

Gary Angel - 5 Steps to Apply Machine Learning

Ed Hewett - Building a Badass Technology COE

Amanda Carty - How To Create a Content Strategy that Builds Brand _ Pipeline

How to Improve Marketing ROI through Better Campaign Tracking

Anne Saylor - Keys to a Best-in-Class Adobe Analytics Classification Process

Rick Rood - Implementing a Global Data Governance Program

Andrew Watson - Rooting Strategies in Customer Obsession

Allison Vail - Building a Holistic View of Your Digital Experience

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